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One Step Closer to Total Pampering Session

    Mind Ease Ritual

An excellent relief for your tired and stressed-out body, it serves as a welcome ritual for you to relax and anti-stress. Includes as part of your full set therapies to fulfill your pampering needs. We identify your points and facial zones for a better administration in further treatments. Do enquire within if you would like to enhance this with different levels of pressures and customize with aroma senses.

+  Organic Facial

The gentle and efficient treatment, it previews our basic French facial service, fused with the organic therapeutic charged actives. Relieve your tired and dull skin with this particular program.

+  Essential Oil Pleubian Massage

Further moisturize and protect your skin with our signature rich rejuvenation precious paste and essential oil blends that not only delivers an ultimate relaxation but also completes the aromatherapy sensational experience.

10-facial steps including exfoliation, extraction, serum and mask treatment
• Plasmalonic Machine Therapy

Clear skin with enhanced absorption and also rejuvenated with organic goodness.

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